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In 1957, when the new teacher Janis Upitis comes to Riga and establishes a dance group, the foundation of the dance ensemble “Austris” of Riga Building College, which has not changed its construction, construction framework until today, is actually laid. Several generations of dancers, along with their teacher, experienced their first rehearsal, first concert, dance wars and contests. Learning the hard dance steps and combinations, the dancers not only mastered the technique of dance, they struggled to discover and understand the message of Latvian life.


Today, dance-lovers know us as one of the leading Group A folk dance groups in Latvia, who has steadily taken his place among the strongest dance groups. The zeal, the passion, the joy of life, the emotionality - it could characterise the dancing style of “Austris,” which is both noticeable and distinguishes this group from others. “Austris” has included dancing from the Latvian dance “golden foundation” in its repertoire and is very happy to dance the new choreographers' dances. College students, students of Riga schools and universities dance in the group. In the main group, young people dance for whom dance experience and technical preparedness make it possible to learn a harder and more complex repertoire, in the studio group, young dancers learn the basics of dance art so that after two, three years in the studio group, they can join the main group. Rehearsals take place twice a week, in which footsteps and combinations are grinded and polished, sweat and sometimes even tears are poured so that concerts can gift joy to audiences. “Austris, cel augstāk!” - a collective slogan that inspires you to aim higher, rise above, endure and continue, lifting the Latvian stage folk dance in honor.

     From 1997 dance groups artistic director is Elita Treilone, principal accompanist - Vera Volkolakova.


"Austris" has regularly participated in:

  • National Latvian Song and Dance Festival (1998, 2003, 2008, 2013, 2018, 2023);

  • The School Youth Song and Dance Festival (2000, 2005 and became a winner in 2010 became a winner. Studio group also participated in the 2015 School Youth Song and Dance Festival);

  • Baltic Students' Song and Dance Festival “Gaudeamus” (2006 - Tartu, 2011 - Vilnius, 2014 - Daugavpils, 2018 - Tartu, 2022 - Vilnius);

"Austris" has made its history more glorious with participation in the following international events:

  • 2007 - Latvian Cultural Days in Moscow (Russia);

  • 2007 - International Dance Festival in Panevezys (Lithuania);

  • 2007 - International Folklore Dance Festival in Konja (Turkey);

  • 2008 - International Folklore Dance Festival in Ankara (Turkey);

  • 2017 - International Folklore Dance Festival at Knoke-Haste (Belgium);

  • 2018 - Shanghai, Bosch International Folklore Dance Festival (China);

  • 2023 - International Folklore Dance Festival in the Azores “Folk Azores” (Portugal).


"Austris " has also participated in the following local events:

  • 2002 - The V International Folk Dance Festival “Sudmaliņas”;

  • 2009 - Riga Dancers' Concert “Vedam danci šovakar” (Ķīpsala);

  • 2009 - Kurzeme County Dance Festival in Ventspils;

  • 2010 - Latvian Dance Concert “Mugura lai nesaliecas” (Kipsala);

  • 2011 - Vidzeme Dance Festival “Caur sidraba birzi gāju” (Aizkraukle);

  • 2011 - Riga Dancers' Celebration (Kipsala);

  • 2012 - "Austris" 55-year Anniversary Concert “Jauns un traks” (VEF Culture Palace);

  • 2012 - Riga 811th Celebration Concert Performance “Rīga, mana baltā Rīga”;

  • 2014 - Dance Performance “Lec, saulīte” (Mežaparks);

  • 2015 - Dance Performance “Pavasara nakts mistērija” (Valka);

  • 2015 - Latgale County Dance Festival “Večerinka Višķos” (Višķi);

  • 2016 - Dance Performance “Danču nakts Limbažos”;

  • 2012 - "Austris" 60-year Anniversary Concert "Cel augstāk!" (VEF Culture Palace);

  • 2018 - Group A Dance Group Final Contest (Dailes Theatre);

  • 2018 - Dance Performance “Saules spēks” (Ķīpsala);

  • 2022 - Dance performance "Dziesma dejo. Deja skan." (Mežaparks);

  • 2023 - "Austris" 65-year Anniversary Concert "Austragrāfija" (VEF Culture Palace);

  • 2023 -  Group A Dance Group Final Contest (Ķīpsala);

You can read more information about our participation in events in EVENTS.


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